This project consists of the following parts:


This part is an infrastructure for dynamic and recordable object prototype system, including:
  • Application can register and unregister modules, types, properties, actions and events dynamicly.
  • Any change (so called a "effect") to an arbitray object will be tracked, so that other effects can cancel or modify it.
  • Application can register handlers for any events, e.g. before or after taking an effect.

Expression descriptor

This part is for build effects and triggers for application logic, used for game designer and executer, including:
  • Describe an effect using expressions e.g. Add 10 to HitPoint of Role "Iris"
  • Target and source filters, e.g. Taking Effect on All Allies

Game framework

This part offers an framework for some typical game elements, including Game, Role, Equip, Skill, and so on.

Data designer

This part helps designors to design game data, including:
  • Basic Game Information
  • Races & Professions
  • Roles
  • Skill and Effects
  • Item State system

Note that designers may be extensible, developers may import and take use of 3rd part components into a game, e.g. Weather or Landform system
This part will offer an UI with web (using Silverlight) or client (using WPF) application.

Visual designer

This part helps developers to design visual elements, including:
  • Maps
  • Pictures and Animations
  • Visual Effects in Game


This part helps to package game datas and build game releases.

Executer / Debugger

This part is an executing environment for game logics.

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